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Adam Waldbrook

Certificate in Publishing (Ryerson)

B. Music (McGill)

B. Education (McGill)

Diploma in Music (Kwantlen)

About Me

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Work experience
Specialty Fields

As the sole editor of this family of internet-based blogs and review sites, I work with many content authors to produce high-quality writing, often with short time limits. Additionally, I provide search engine optimization (SEO), fact checking, source checking, and graphic elements.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP)

As a volunteer copyeditor, I work with full-scale, peer-reviewed scholarly articles in the field of philosophy. This has given me an enormous amount of experience in all citation styles, as well as experience editing highly technical, jargon-rich texts outside my areas of specialty. I am listed as an active volunteer on their website at

Freelance Work

In addition to the ongoing editing assignments listed above, I continue to do a great deal of freelance editing work for self-publishing authors, bloggers, app designers, and university students. 



University Coursework

Scholarly Journals


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